Unrivaled focus towards the needs of the Young & Driven professional that mirrors the drive that our audience of game changing professionals have for their own success; this is what makes Urban Professor incomparable in value.


1. Urban Professor unapologetically services & targets the consumer needs of the Young & Driven professional.  

2. CHOICE. With respect to the style savvy of our consumers, we pride ourselves on offering fashion forward shopping options consisting of more than just one brand, sole seasonal style inspiration or limited price range.   This allows Urban Professor shoppers to discover new brands, explore a range of designer inspirations and lastly access a range of style expression options from the value driven brand looks to the premium in class for a full and dynamic immersion into the world of style accessories and business essentials.

3. CARE-er PACKAGE is a stamp of trust and assurance. It’s a promise we make to our Young & Driven consumer of caring to commit to their career success and development. How do you make a “care” package better? Make it a CARE-er Package. Experience it today and look for the CARE-er Package mark on your next purchase.

4. Shipping Cost, the bane of online shopping.  Hey, we all hate it, even us.  We absorb the pain of online shopping by offering courtesy FREE SHIPPING…All the time. No catch, no minimum purchase, no limited time or exclusive promo code. It’s simply the preferred way that the Young & Driven shop.

5. Right or Die, yep it's that serious for us when it comes to getting your order right.  Okay calm down, nobody will die, but, we take getting your order shipped right so seriously that if you should ever not receive what you ordered without prior notice, we will refund you your money, ship you your correct order at no cost to you and you can keep whatever Urban Professor goodies you did incorrectly receive, for the inconvenience.

6. Since childhood we've all had an anxiety that comes with waiting for our desired goods to be in our hands.  We understand this feeling so well that you can count on us to relieve you of at least some of your anxiety by assuring that you receive order tracking for all of your purchased goods.

7. A focused social impact mission of supporting emerging professionals successfully transition into socially responsible inspirational young professionals. #UDefineSuccess

8. Live Person contact.  Yeah, we said it, LIVE.  Though it seems like reaching a live person for help or questions has become a relic of the past, we believe that the least we can do for a customer willing to spend hard earned money with us, is to give them a person to speak to should they need to.  Reach us directly for any of your shopping concerns at 1.888.299.3186.  Enjoy. 

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