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Derived from a witty spin on the classic be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth, meaning to be born in to wealth, access and privilege.

By providing access to career catalyst resources and truly innovative programming, Silver Spoon Foundation is leveling the playing field at an unprecedented pace for low income, multi-cultural youth from access challenged backgrounds. Silver Spoon Foundation challenges the career development and professional transition obstacles facing emerging professionals. With a vision of providing “light bulb” moments for those far too accustomed to being in the “dark”, Silver Spoon Foundation is on the cutting edge of education reform initiatives that both enlighten and empower emerging professionals not born with the figurative “silver spoon”.

Silver Spoon foundation is a dynamic 501(c)(3) charitable system that empowers supporters of the young and driven to invest in an innovative career development pipeline that supplements traditional post-secondary (college) education.






Silver Spoon Foundation believes that there is much hope in the globally connected, technologically advanced, socially aware and otherwise uninhibited mind of today’s diverse emerging professionals. It is with this hope that we set forth on an ambitious mandate to meet their committed efforts with innovative programming and an unprecedented system of peer support. Our peer supported infrastructure puts them closer to their career goals and dreams than the opportunity gap and access challenged environments may have otherwise prevented.

The highly engaging and pioneering programming of Silver Spoon Foundations speaks to our unyielding commitment to the post-secondary student audience that we service. Success is measured quantifiably by our impact on on time graduation, reduced underemployment and curbed unemployment of our program participants relative to their peers. Additionally, the countless testimonies, success stories and exposure based advancement made by our constituents is a highly valued success barometer for our brand, team and programs.






Silver Spoon Foundation programs


Successful Transitions Scholarship

Our anchor and longest running program, “Successful Transitions” is our scholarship program targeted towards financially challenged college students with a minimum of 30 college credits. The scholarship mission is to close the opportunity gap between emerging professional college students and the successful transition into their career choice by way of alleviating cost prohibitive measures associated with attending industry conferences.



An innovative and business trend relevant program that partners with non-profit organizations and Universities to provide educational opportunities around the savvy use of the leading professional network, LinkedIn. The LinkUP program aims to improve first impressions amongst emerging professionals as they embark on and build their career relationships. Available to all students enrolled in a 4-year University, Community College or Trade Schools.


Major Leagues

Our signature mentor pairing program that is fueled by our proprietary matching tool. Major Leagues aims to close the gap in disparity with mentor opportunities available to minority males/females and the unique conditions related to cultural assimilation and workplace adaptability. Available to enrolled undergraduate minority male and female students with a minimum of 15 college credit hours.


Seniors In, Seniors Out

Seniors In, Seniors Out is our support and guidance program exclusively available to High School Seniors and College Seniors. Rooted in aligning structural support around the unique circumstances and conditions that lend to anxiety, stress and uninformed decision making of near/ recent graduates, the Seniors In, Seniors Out program positively positions students for a successful transition into their next phase.


Young & Driven Support the Young & Driven



It is our vision to create a preferred brand for Young & Driven professionals in which the coolest and most stylish assortment of business essentials and style accessories can be purchased in an environment that empowers professionals to be both workplace appropriate and style expression forward for a culture shaping business in the modern corporate culture. With the Urban Professor brand successfully servicing this vision, we understood the importance of empowering our socially aware audience to leave a positive imprint on their culture in a seamless manner. It is with this understanding that Urban Professor proudly donates 25% of the proceeds from the purchases of any Urban Professor branded items to Silver Spoon Foundation.

Additionally, Urban Professor shoppers can now express in distinct style their support for the emerging professional post-secondary audience that Silver Spoon Foundation services. Shoppers can make tax-deductible donations of $50 or more to Silver Spoon Foundation on the Urban Professor site by visiting the signature Silver Spoon tie clip for men or Silver Spoon lapel pin for women products pages in which 100% of proceeds from these 2 items will go directly to Silver Spoon Foundation.






Not transparency like government “transparency” either, we’re talking about real transparency. Transparency, as in, you the donor deciding which of 3 core focuses (travel, lodging or registration) of our “Successful Transitions” scholarship you would like the proceeds from your Urban Professor branded purchase going towards.

Additionally, donors can visit Silver Spoon Foundation to see the monetary imprint their contribution made on our scholarship and also see and read about the college student candidates their donation would help serve.

At Silver Spoon Foundation, transparency is not a choice, but, rather a responsibility.