- Why the name Urban Professor?  

What's in the name?  Apparently a lot, and we take great pride in the brand name that echoes our mission.  Global urbanization (as in the rise of metropolitan cities from suburban and rural areas) is increasing at a pace that is only believable upon sight.  This in addition to the diverse populations already existing in these metropolitan areas heightens the need for an advocate of urban populations to excel and succeed in these same areas where the majority of top brands create their messaging, live their mission and employ their unique culture of team members.  

This aforementioned need has a name and its name is:

Urban Professor... The Voice of the Young & Driven.


- Does Urban Professor advocate for specific students?  

Yes, in fact we do.  We advocate for Young & Driven students, but, just as success avails itself to students seeking it from all backgrounds, as do we.  From Veteran young and emerging professionals to disabled young professionals, the steady rise of college educated young and emerging professional women and the many other diverse backgrounds of young and emerging professionals.  Urban Professor serves as an evangelist and beacon of support for a diverse population of Young & Driven professionals


- How do we choose the brands and products for the Urban Professor boutique?  

Our buying team is charged with a very specific mission...seek and discover the coolest brands/products globally that appeals to young and emerging professionals that wish to express themselves uniquely but make a strong impression in their field of choice whatever it may be.


- What if there's a brand or product that I love but Urban Professor doesn't carry?  

Simply put... Put us on.  Though we have talented and skilled buyers, we confess that we may not be aware of every hot and relevant product.  Help us continue to support the Young & Driven by e-mailing us at theprofessor@urbanprofessor.com of your suggested brand or product.


- Do you offer internships?

Yes, please check our jobs page.

- How can I support the Silver Spoon Foundation?  

There are are 5 ways to support the Silver Spoon Foundation.  Here's the quick shot, but you can find out more here.

(1) Purchase Urban Professor branded items and select which strategic contribution pillar you would like your proceeds going towards.

(2) Donate airline miles from your airline of choice via our airline miles donation portal.  This helps alleviate the cost of high airline fees prohibiting travel for young and emerging professionals.

(3) Donate hotel points from your hotel of choice via our hotel points donation portal.  This helps alleviate lodging cost that are often prohibit lodging for young and emerging professionals.

(4) Donate money to the Silver Spoon Foundation via the strategic contribution pillar you would like your proceeds going towards.

(5) Spread the word and build awareness as an evangelist of the Silver Spoon Foundation mission.


- How do I sign-up?  

We thought you'd never ask. You can sign-up for our newsletter here.


- I have a great idea for Urban Professor.  Who can I tell?  

Hopefully you are storing all of your great ideas in our "Game Changer" journal, as it seems you get alot of great ideas.  But, you can e-mail us your great ideas at theprofessor@urbanprofessor.com


- Does Urban Professor do any speaking engagements?  

Yes, we do.  Should your university, organization or company wish to have Urban Professor a "U Define Success" experience, please contact us at theprofessor@urbanprofessor.com .  We speak on the subjects of Student Career Transition / Career Development / Student Leadership / Branding / Men’s Style for All Occasions / Personal Branding / Connecting with Millennials / Personal Development

- Are there jobs available at Urban Professor?

Interested in joining our culture of defining success, please check our jobs page periodically.

- I forgot my password.  How can I retrieve it?

Simply click here to recover your password