Urban professor does community engagement a little differently.

Well, minus the modesty, we actually do it quite a bit differently.

Whether it's repurposing a dorm room on a college campus by transforming a 250 sq. ft. sleeping quarters into a state of the art pop-up career transition lab designed to the exact specifications of career entering upperclassmen or revitalizing a college conference for student leaders to become the preeminent standard bearer for both student development and innovative emerging professional engagement.

We focus much of our support on underserved post secondary (college undergraduate) students; our passion.

By way of our 501(c)(3) non-profit arm, silver spoon foundation, we seek to level the playing field for access to premium career development methods and also help close the opportunity gap for less privileged emerging professionals.


We help deliver impeccable first impressions and build heightened career positioning savvy through silver spoon foundation's "linkup" program. Our "successful transitions" program is groundbreaking in its methods of empowering students on their career path while students are still in school but prior to them graduating with career thwarting debt and limited networks.

Quinton Coples.
Defensive End, New York Jets.
Team Urban Professor since 2014


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Additionally, our imprint on the community is amplified by our signature collections, like the Urban Professor x QCoples collection, in which 25% of the proceeds from Quinton’s (NY Jets) collection will go to benefit school aged kids in Quinton’s hometown of Kinston, NC. Quite simply, we believe in the limitless potential of emerging professionals when they are invested in and provided with the same opportunities often reserved exclusively for those of means. We have set out to ensure that the light of the Young & Driven burns bright, stylish and awe-inspiringly.