Urban Professor is an innovative style driven brand, home to the unapologetically driven. 

We design, distribute and manufacture premium accessories, garments and business essentials that appeal to the modern and culturally inspired.

Urban Professor was established in 2009, to deliver a distinct cultural experience for a new era of professional, a consumer inspired by a melting pot of global influences and with technology that enables them to access whatever they can imagine.  Less formulaic than the generations that preceded it, today's professional is equal parts aspirational visionary and highly influential evolving apprentice to a steady shifting professional culture transitioning from norms and ways of being as quickly as they are adapted.


With the necessary evolution from antiquated business norms that lack diverse representation, cultural expression and fair opportunity, there too is a need of a brand that unapologetically speaks advocates for the modern professional with rich inspirational content and incomparably curated assortments of accessories, garments and business essentials from premium brands.

By achieving a coveted balance between trend relevant pop culture inspired style expression and workplace appropriate professional sophistication, our distinct curations of fashion accessories and business essentials will have you ready for business. 

Our Commitment


The ethos of Urban Professor embodies a commitment to evolve conventional business and support the expression of the culturally  influenced innovators that helm the positions and create the works that shift the culture forward.


We are devoted to supporting the lofty dreams and aspirations of today's professionals on their journey to manifest their unapologetic drive.  We've grown from our origins as a career navigation daily newsletter of our proud heritage to now being a passionate team of culture enthusiast.

We love seeing diverse professionals evolve and succeed, pursuing their dreams passionately while sharing their brilliant culture openly and helping shape the business environment for the 21st Century, so that's how we run Urban Professor. We create product stories and experiences that empower unapologetically driven professionals to change the world proudly and with impeccable style. 


"We are concrete on our vision: we aspire to be the most
trusted brand voice of the unapologetic and purpose driven professional
Tony Forte President of Urban Professor
Tony Forte, Founder of Urban Professor