On the Come UP…Michael Tonge

"On the Come UP” is a bi-weekly series that will highlight and amplify the achievements of the Young & Driven under 25 years of age. The series will bring to you in-depth and exclusive interviews of those that aren’t waiting to get tomorrow what they can start getting NOW. Of course young achiever testimonies, are prime content for Urban Professor, “The Voice of the Young & Driven.” Read on…
November 09, 2012 by Urban Professor

On the Come UP…Michael Tonge

Name: Michael Tonge

Brand Affiliation(s): Urban Professor, The Culture LP

Job Title: Founder/Blogger at The Culture LP, Social Media Strategist at Urban Professor, & Corporate Human Resources Analyst

Age: 22

UP: Mike, thanks for the interview and congrats on the recent graduation.  So, what are your current titles? How do you label yourself?

Mike: I label myself as a Social Media Strategist and Human Resources Analyst

UP: Really, What’s the motivating factor that drove you in these industries?

Mike: I already liked to tweet a lot, and after reading more on social media I realized that there is money to be made in this rapidly developing craft. In terms of Human Resources, I interned as a finance operations analyst and decided that I’d rather be involved with recruiting, developing, and retaining personnel as opposed to moving and reporting on financial instruments.

UP: Was college necessary for your current career/position?

Mike: College was definitely a requirement to get into the program I’m in, there’s a GPA requirement and you need a Bachelor’s degree to be eligible.

UP: How has being a minority affected your career pursuits?

Mike: Being a minority has made me realize that there is a lot of headway to be made in terms of corporate diversity strategies, but has also helped me accept that I can change some of these issues in “Corporate America”.

UP: When was the last time you’ve been inspired?  From what?

Mike: Hate to give the momma’s boy response, but my mother working on her own as a graphic artist successfully over the last 10 plus years inspires me on a daily basis.

UP: With hindsight being 20/20, what would you have done differently in regards to education to help your career now?

Mike: I would have joined more professional networks as a student, for exampled the Society of Human Resources Management has a boatload of resources available for aspiring professionals. The same goes for my digital ambitions, attending more conferences and seminars, as an undergrad would have been a good look.

UP: Oh, to be a 20 years old college student getting a refund check again, knowing what you know now, but given the opportunity to be that 20 year old student again.  How would you use your refund check differently?

Mike: I would definitely attempt to save some more, and probably invest. With hindsight I’d have invested in Apple or Google, I had fun in school but investing at the wines & spirits store in your local college town is not financially savvy.

UP: Success is good for confidence, but failure is a great teacher.  What have you learned from failure?

Mike: I’ve learned that you can almost never prepare too much in advance. Murphy’s Law is real, what can go wrong will go wrong. You have to account for every possible glitch or misstep.

UP: Most influential book you’ve read?

Mike: After I finish “The End of Marketing As We Know It” I’m trying to get to “The Tipping Point” as I’ve been told it shows readers how a little effort can go a long way.

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UP: How do U Define Success?

Mike: Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.” – Anthony Robbins.  I want to get to the point where more of my time is spent doing what I love as opposed to working for someone else.

UP: What’s a quote that you live by?

Mike: Not sure if this is a quote or not, but to always keep the bigger picture in mind. It’s important to not get caught up on small failures or successes for that matter.

UP: Drop a nugget.  What’s something that you want to put the Urban Professor audience on to?

Mike: Check out my blogsite TheCultureLP.com, follow it on twitter, instagram, tumblr, and like us on facebook.  Or at least do one of the 4!  It’s a site about culture, lifestyle, and progress with a creative and insightful feel.  Big things to come.  Also follow me on twitter @Mike_CLP or @Mtonge02 (professional page about HR & finance).


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November 09, 2012 by urbanprofessor