Pamplona Running of the Bulls

Whether it's a bucket list item, a friendly dare, or thrill seeking adventure, few things in life (excluding doing a shopping spree with Lady Gaga of course) will capture the adrenaline rush associated with the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona Spain.

HARPO Studios Summer 2011 Internship Program

One word, Oprah. If you’re going to learn the game, you might as well learn it from the best. The woman has her OWN network, no literally, the network is called OWN, it’s almost impossible to walk away from this internship without becoming a mogul. U DEFINE SUCCESS. Apply below.

ESPN Summer 2011 Internship

So what, you didn’t win fantasy football, or baseball, or even basketball for that matter. What better way to look like the ultimate fantasy winner than to get the sports fanatic’s fantasy internship. Nothing compares, hell we’re humming the ESPN chime just thinking about it. U DEFINE SUCCESS. Apply below.

MTV Summer 2011 Internship

Why should Snooki have all the fun? Who knew that the business of abundant college student debauchery, non-stop music, celebrity appearances, and oh yeah, abundant college student debauchery was a real job. U DEFINE SUCCESS. Apply below.

Google Summer 2011 (Legal) Internship

If you’re really feeling lucky, try interning with the leading search engine out there. Hey, you never know, if you really impress them, they may just make one of those cool doodle arts commemorating your intern experience. U DEFINE SUCCESS. Apply below.

Urban Professor Spring 2011 Internship

The business of sharing success we’ll admit has been done before. Translating that success in a manner that resonates and entertains the promising youth culture of today, our technologically savvy, facebook devoted, Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga listening, Call of Duty playing, New Era fitted wearing, Air Yeezy seeking, Jersey Shore watching, rich before 30 planning, Trey Songz screaming generation, well now that’s another story. U DEFINE SUCCESS. Apply Below:
January 11, 2011 by Urban Professor

Essence Magazine Summer 2011 Internship

Does it really get much better than interning at a lifestyle editorial for women, if you’re a guy, you win, if you’re a woman, you win. Everybody wins! So what are you waiting for? U DEFINE SUCCESS. Apply below.


INTERNSHIPS – FINANCE DEPARTMENT - For College Credit Organization: VERSACE Web Site: Location: New York, NY


SUMMER INTERNSHIP TIME: May or June-August BRANDS: (1 for) ENYCE by Sean Combs (1 for) Company 81/Mecca