The Year of the Rabbit, 2011 – 11 Cool Internships to Hop On For Summer ’11

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s a celebration. Okay, so no we’re not counting down the ball drop in Time Square, nor are we watching Lil’ Wayne set the year off right with an energetic performance of 6’7”, and we’re probably not getting our smooch on with a loved one, but make no mistake it’s a holiday and a lucky one at that.

Rosetta Stone – Summer ’11 Internship

We at Urban Professor believe success has a language all too itself, so we thank you for joining our movement. But, if you’re into the broad array of languages that are actually spoken throughout the world, you don’t get much better than learning from the leading language learning resource available, Rosetta Stone.
February 03, 2011 by Urban Professor

Say Something Baby

There are a variety of reasons to learn a foreign language, and we’re not talking about LOL, SMH, TTYL, or LMAO.