MTV Summer 2011 Internship

Why should Snooki have all the fun? Who knew that the business of abundant college student debauchery, non-stop music, celebrity appearances, and oh yeah, abundant college student debauchery was a real job. U DEFINE SUCCESS. Apply below.

11 Cool Internships to Kick Start 2011

So you’re fresh off of resolutions and promises, it’s the top of the year and your plans of becoming a beast in pursuing your career ambitions are well within reach. The wait is over, walk away from the Chris Brown Twitter Rants and let the Madden game rest, it’s time to get the jump on Summer 2011 internships.

Check Mate

Okay, so living with the parents are no longer an option, and speed walking thru the hood to the only house you can afford on a 23 year olds (legal) budget because you’re too cool to run, but, not crazy enough to stroll has gotten old. Also, crashing with your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters that still live on campus is less than enviable, and you would surely have your swag card revoked, no matter how cool you were in school.

On To the Next One

With the job market about as healthy as a box of bacon-flavored donuts, the importance of internships has reached record highs. In fact, it’s your best bet at turning a seasonal gig into a yearlong one.