MTV Summer 2011 Internship

Why should Snooki have all the fun? Who knew that the business of abundant college student debauchery, non-stop music, celebrity appearances, and oh yeah, abundant college student debauchery was a real job. U DEFINE SUCCESS. Apply below.

Google Summer 2011 (Legal) Internship

If you’re really feeling lucky, try interning with the leading search engine out there. Hey, you never know, if you really impress them, they may just make one of those cool doodle arts commemorating your intern experience. U DEFINE SUCCESS. Apply below.

Urban Professor Spring 2011 Internship

The business of sharing success we’ll admit has been done before. Translating that success in a manner that resonates and entertains the promising youth culture of today, our technologically savvy, facebook devoted, Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga listening, Call of Duty playing, New Era fitted wearing, Air Yeezy seeking, Jersey Shore watching, rich before 30 planning, Trey Songz screaming generation, well now that’s another story. U DEFINE SUCCESS. Apply Below:
January 11, 2011 by Urban Professor

Michael Kors – Spring 2011 Internship

Okay so you've ripped the runway, you've rode in the fab lane, and you've seen more than your share of reality tv fashion shows, now's your chance to get your part of the real action. Learn the business of fashion from one of the best, Michael Kors. Apply below for Spring 2011 internship opportunities with the Michael Kors Company.

Keepin’ Tabs

The relationships we build determine much of what happens to us. Even at the drive-thru. Don’t believe it? Be verbally abusive to a cashier then go have your food tested in a lab. You’ll see how important relationships are then.

Contact High

They’re at it again. All those business folks swagged up from the toe up at a corporate event, trying to get themselves or their businesses put on. Well, that’s what we call networking and, if done the right way, you too can reap the benefits of this very valuable skill.

On To the Next One

With the job market about as healthy as a box of bacon-flavored donuts, the importance of internships has reached record highs. In fact, it’s your best bet at turning a seasonal gig into a yearlong one.


LICENSING / CREATIVE SERVICES INTERNSHIP - Nautica International Organization: Nautica Web Site: Location: New York, NY