Shoe Dat?

Some argue that the soul of a person is a hard thing to get to, and we won’t even pretend to know how to get there, but, the sole of a person is what we do know. After much sole searching we’ve definitely discovered that most folks are straight heartless when it comes to matters of the sole.

Shoe Dat?

Always have your shoes shined when making a business appearance. Though the little sneaker store shoe shine cases are effective, they’re mild in comparison to an old-fashioned shoe shine (you might recognize these as the elevated chair w/a gentleman or lady manning them).

Going Thru Changes

Changes. Pac talked about them in his song by the same title. Professors and supervisors talk about them on your school papers and reports. Shoot, your Mama and Auntie talk about them too, but theirs come with hot flashes. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about those changes…we don’t even want to think about those changes.

Get Rent or Die Buying

With all that is said and available about the benefits of home buying and not enough about some of the benefits, yes benefits, of renting, we at Urban Professor decided to stand up for the little guy.

Sex, Money & Flower

As different as we are collectively across the globe, if there’s anything we all love it’s one thing: Beyonce. Well, that and pizza. Oh, Jay-Z, too.

On To the Next One

With the job market about as healthy as a box of bacon-flavored donuts, the importance of internships has reached record highs. In fact, it’s your best bet at turning a seasonal gig into a yearlong one.