6 Things Your Classes WON’T Tell You About Your Dream Job Quest

These days the “young money” mantra has penetrated the aspirations of young adults faster than the time its taking for Miley Cyrus to shed her Disney image. We couldn’t completely fault students for this aspiration either, who wouldn’t want to attain vast riches at a young enough age to enjoy it with the zest of a Miami trip for college spring break.

6 Things Your Classes WON’T Tell You About Your Dream Job Quest

The concept of being young and successful is nothing new and though more prevalent now than ever before, it is still an anomaly to attain, however, the chances of realizing this quest drastically increases when you’re working in the career you’re passionate about, sometimes called our “dream job”.

Okay, so we’re going to give you the hard truth that many will refuse to tell you, the vast majority of adults don’t work in the fields they majored in, and still much less work in the fields they’re actually passionate about.  There we said it. Some of us were made for certain careers, much like the homeless man with the golden commentator voice, while others of us nurtured talents and skills along the way to go with a deeply rooted passion (think pole dancing or being a stock broker).  Hey, some folks really aspire to pole dance, who are we not to acknowledge that.  Whichever route yours may be, neither will secure actually attaining that dream career without some familiarity of the following, very few of which are readily shared with you in your schools career center.  Well that’s what you have Urban Professor for, we ain’t ever scared:

  1. Get it yourself – Your dream is YOUR dream, not ANYONE else’s, thus do not leave it to ANYONE else to plan it.  We’re not implying that they can’t guide or help you, but it really is your own unique dream.  Maybe the title “Career Center” is an issue itself; think of it more as a guidance center.  If your dream is only making money, which for some people it is, some would say the theory of “How could someone who’s never made $100K tell you how to make over $100K” would apply here.  What’s critically more important to note is that for many, their “job” is a source of income solely and YOUR dream deserves more than just that option.
  2. Corporate cot blockers – No, we’re not talking about someone hating on your chances of dating the office main attraction either.  Actually, along your path, particularly if your dream destination is highly sought after, there will be a variety of people and things that seemingly make the journey a burden.  We at Urban Professor affectionately call these things and people gatekeepers.  Gatekeepers exist for a reason, and though they may seem like a pain, trust their painful ways aren’t exclusive to just you.  If you instead interpret their methods as an asset of yours that filters out your field of competitors possessing less persistence than you, you will develop a heightened appreciation for gatekeepers.
  3. I will not lose – How you respond to rejection and failure, is as important, if not more important than how you respond to achievement and success.  Rejection is natural and most times nothing personal, if you have done your due diligence and are prepared for the position at hand, then you must interpret this rejection as a misinterpretation of your value proposition.   The only true failure is when you give up.  When your dream is at stake, losing is not an option, and setbacks are new opportunities to excel.
  4. Value yourself – When you interview for a job, a job is interviewing for a stellar employee as well.  If you have an interview at 10:00AM, then your job prospect also has an interview at 10:00AM.  You mustn’t value them more than yourself, you get a great job and they get a great employee, both are rare and truly prized.  It’s that simple.
  5. We talking about practice – The now famous banter of basketball legend Allen Iverson is worth its salt in some occasions, this being one of them.  Aim to deliver and articulate value and results as much as you would criteria and requirements.   Criteria and requirements are things such as 8-10 years work experience, master’s degree, etc.  Instead find no shame in not meeting the said requirements if you have put in painstaking effort and seized opportunities to return results and boost value such as growing incremental business or turning a fledgling business into a prosperous one.
  6. It’s okay to sound crazy – The reality is that common talk is probably not going to be about a change from the norm.  It takes a certain comfort with crazy to dream much less engage in doing something unique.  Seek comfort in that crazy.  Ask yourself if Phil Knight (Nike), Ray Kroc (McDonald’s), the Wright Brothers (uhhh flying), or Oprah (OWN Network) could have sounded anything but “crazy” in their aspiration conversations.

Most importantly enjoy the journey, create the path, and visualize the destination.  U DEFINE SUCCESS