Who’s Your Big 3? – Developing a Team of Professionals to Guide You to Career Success

By now, if you’ve been anywhere near ESPN’s Sports Center, you know all too well that “Big 3” has become the mantra and recipe to compete successfully in modern professional basketball.

The Year of the Rabbit, 2011 – 11 Cool Internships to Hop On For Summer ’11

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s a celebration. Okay, so no we’re not counting down the ball drop in Time Square, nor are we watching Lil’ Wayne set the year off right with an energetic performance of 6’7”, and we’re probably not getting our smooch on with a loved one, but make no mistake it’s a holiday and a lucky one at that.

The Blue Flame Agency – Summer ’11 Internship

Okay, so you’ve seen the shows and compared yourself to the contestants, well now’s your time to work for Diddy. Well, not necessarily Diddy, but Diddy’s marketing/advertising agency. Come be a part of Mr. Comb’s empire and TRUST US when we tell you, it will change your life for the better. Strap in tight for a ride in the fast lane for Mogul 101, find out more below:

Mail in the Coffin – The 101 on Leaving and Sending Messages

Gone are the days where you could put on your shiny suit, walk up to a company of interest in your Slippery Earls, hand in your resume and expect to be contacted. Yep, those days are long gone, along with the shiny suits. Sorry, Diddy.

Rep Yo Good

When it comes to making an impression at an internship, it's all about outlasting, out working, and out smarting the competition, competition in this case being the other fresh faced yet highly confident interns there with you and soon to follow. Think of it as as the minor leagues version of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" show mixed with the corporate version of Diddy's "Making the Band".

On To the Next One

With the job market about as healthy as a box of bacon-flavored donuts, the importance of internships has reached record highs. In fact, it’s your best bet at turning a seasonal gig into a yearlong one.