Shoe Dat?

Some argue that the soul of a person is a hard thing to get to, and we won’t even pretend to know how to get there, but, the sole of a person is what we do know. After much sole searching we’ve definitely discovered that most folks are straight heartless when it comes to matters of the sole.

Shoe Dat?

Always have your shoes shined when making a business appearance. Though the little sneaker store shoe shine cases are effective, they’re mild in comparison to an old-fashioned shoe shine (you might recognize these as the elevated chair w/a gentleman or lady manning them).

Mail in the Coffin – The 101 on Leaving and Sending Messages

Gone are the days where you could put on your shiny suit, walk up to a company of interest in your Slippery Earls, hand in your resume and expect to be contacted. Yep, those days are long gone, along with the shiny suits. Sorry, Diddy.

Office Mates

You know all of those movies and TV shows where two co-workers fall in love and live happily ever after? They’re often penned, acted, and directed by people who’ve never actually worked in an office setting. They know as much about work romance as a sushi chef knows fatback.

Keepin’ Tabs

The relationships we build determine much of what happens to us. Even at the drive-thru. Don’t believe it? Be verbally abusive to a cashier then go have your food tested in a lab. You’ll see how important relationships are then.

Check Mate

Okay, so living with the parents are no longer an option, and speed walking thru the hood to the only house you can afford on a 23 year olds (legal) budget because you’re too cool to run, but, not crazy enough to stroll has gotten old. Also, crashing with your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters that still live on campus is less than enviable, and you would surely have your swag card revoked, no matter how cool you were in school.

Club Banger

You’ve just transitioned into the next stage of your life. Whether it’s college or “the real world,” you know one of the first things you’ve got to do now is hit the club scene.

Let’s Talk About Text

With more cell phone users turning to texting instead of – gasp – actually talking to people, it’s important for everyone to learn that a little etiquette goes a long way – even for communication via text.

Contact High

They’re at it again. All those business folks swagged up from the toe up at a corporate event, trying to get themselves or their businesses put on. Well, that’s what we call networking and, if done the right way, you too can reap the benefits of this very valuable skill.

Watchin’ Out

How many times have you spotted a person with a cell phone still asking someone what time it was? Exactly. That’s why, despite technology providing new tools to tell the time, watches still have a place in the 21st Century.