Money in the Thank

In the world of business, thank you cards are like a “nice to see you” hug on steroids. We don’t know about you, but at Urban Professor there’s nothing quite like a “nice to see you” hug. Much like a great hug, thank you cards are warmer, more sincere, and standout from the pack of others compared to sending an e-mail, phone call, text, or nothing at all.

In a day and age of increased technology, business execs have an even heightened appreciation for the effort and time one takes to buy a card, fill it out with thoughts customized for them, lick the nasty tasting envelope seal (amazing that it’s 2010 and we haven’t invented an envelope seal that taste like Kool-Aid, “Red” flavor), pay a small, but, still additional postage fee, and then locate the nearest postal shipper to send it their way. I mean c’mon, that has to beat an IM, e-mail, e-card, phone call, or tweet on any day. You’ll also quickly find out that thank you cards won’t get stuck in the voicemail call back list, e-mail spam, or HR forget me piles. Surprising as it may be, the simple gesture of sending a thank you card usually triggers the recipient to reach out to you to say Thank You for the card if nothing more.

A good thank you card should usually be blank or contain minimal pre-written manufactured text besides “Thank You”; all other text should be from you. The card should be on nice, yet simple design card stock, and you can buy them by the pack or singles (and no the singles are not called “Loosies”). A pack can range from $1.99 to upwards of $9.99 and they can be purchased anywhere from drugstores with greeting card inventory to stationery stores like Hallmark or Papyrus.

Your message in the cards should be heartfelt, purposeful, and speak to subject matter in which both you and the recipient are familiar. As far as sending them, they can be sent whenever, there’s rarely a time when someone isn’t due for a good thanking. However, thank you cards hold an even heightened appreciation when received promptly after an occasion or meeting such as an interview, internship completion, school acceptance, or referral letter to name a few. You can even send them upon the not so good news, such as not receiving the job offer. Hell, you’ll be surprised at the opportunities this act can open up, it’s truly the politest way to say “screw you, your loss”.

All this thanking and stuff has us feeling so warm, we would like to thank all of our readers and may you soon discover that thank you cards may be the best use of $10 or less that exist.