Throw Some STD’s on it…

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Individuals carrying STD’s have been noticing a burning sensation at the workplace, as the dismissal and termination rate from STD’s (Socially Transmitted Diseases) has been attracting much media attention. Socially Transmitted Diseases should not be confused with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (as they share the same acronym), for they are not the same, though these are dangerous as well.

Okay, so go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief, but, please do not take Socially Transmitted Diseases lightly; their effects are quite detrimental themselves and tend to be significantly higher with young adults than any other demographic. Socially Transmitted Diseases can lead to workplace suspensions and/or terminations, public embarrassment, overlooked job opportunities, failed promotions, and a multitude of success hindrances.

Some of our fellow Urban Professor readers may very well be carriers of these spoken STD’s, and are quite unaware, let’s run a diagnosis to see. Do you have symptoms such as unprofessional personal e-mail addresses like or Networking addresses like these give a potential employer more than enough information to gauge a candidate’s worth. E-mail addresses, unlike the range of Baskin-Robbins ice cream options, should be quite simple. They should be easy to remember and should be as simple as some variation of your first and last name (i.e. TyroneJohnson@, Tyrone.Johnson@, TJohnson@, MrTyroneJohnson@, etc.).

Though the e-mail address symptom is most common, as damaging (and maybe more so) is what you put on your personal Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube accounts, all of which can and will snitch on you faster than Jose Canseco at a book signing. Many of these social services are not private, nor are they exclusive to being viewed by social circles. Many corporations have taken to reviewing these accounts on both employees and candidates for greater insight which they use to make personnel related decisions.

Your friends at Urban Professor urge you to consider some of the prior notes before you send that next “Twitpic” of your after work beer pong excursions, before you list that profanity riddled favorite 2Pac quote on MySpace, before you take that Facebook questionnaire about the top 5 things you do to kill time at work, or send a “sext” message to your “Boo” from your work issued Blackberry.

As you’ll see below, job related repercussions from STD’s have been on the rise. Big Brother is watching!

A 16-year-old teen in the U.K. was fired after writing about how “boring” her job was on Facebook.

Stay safe and always use protection.