Say Something Baby

Those that learn a new language gain greater cultural awareness and ultimately improve the knowledge of their own first language through comparison and contrast with whatever new languages they learn. Not to mention broadening the date pool. Plus, who wouldn’t want to know how to sing “Bedrock” in more than one language?

Moreover, thanks to today’s global economy, now more than ever it is important for students and working professionals to learn foreign languages. There are countries in the world with citizens that don’t speak a lick of English and unlike previous decades, these new economic powers are forcing outsiders to learn their native tongues and not the other way around. Most refer to this place as China, and there’s no shortage of people, whom in the words of Drake are like “I can teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone.”

For those wondering what language they should try to learn, it all depends on what you’re in search of both personally and professionally. With America’s Latino population soaring at a rapid rate, Spanish is a good language to learn in order to keep up with the fastest growing faction of the country. As China continues to become a global superpower, many young Americans are moving to China, learning Mandarin, and cashing in on China’s booming economy, not to mention getting electronics for the low. The U.S.’s global war on terror has provided a need for Arabic translators in and out of the military community. And though it’s not listed, should you go to live and work in Europe, know that 25% of the population speaks German and it is the second most popular Internet language in the world. Here we’ll start you off, Guten Tag (that’s, Hello in German). Each of these languages has a rich history and can be professionally helpful depending on what field you’d like to work in.

Professions in social services, business and finance, communications, science and technology, and education all reward bilingual job candidates. Job candidates who majored or minored in a foreign language often set themselves apart from their competition in the eyes of potential employers. And, we bet you’d really get a lot of hits on YouTube if you rapped any of Plies’ songs in Russian.

Sites like provide a bevy of links that will assist you in learning your chosen new language. There are translation sites like Yahoo Babel Fish and Xanadu; online communities like Skype Community and UniLang; podcasts; textbooks and grammar books. There are also software tools provided by the likes of programs like Rosetta Stone. Another good way to learn a second language is by enrolling in courses at an area college. Even more helpful is the opportunity to live in the region whose foreign language you want to learn, we think going to Brazil to “learn their official language of Portuguese”, doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Now, more than ever it is important to seem as global and well rounded as possible. Learning a new language is a sure fire way of achieving that feat.

Besides, it’s a good way to find out when someone’s talking about you behind your back when they switch out of English all of a sudden. But, no one would do that now, would they. Sounds like the next episode of “when keeping it real goes wrong”. This is your folks at Urban Professor, “Adios”, “Au Revoir”, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye.