Summer Flydays

Yes, the warmer weather is the time when companies start to get a little lax in their dress codes in an effort to treat their employees. However, some employees take advantage of the situation and start dressing in ways that mess it up for everyone else.

We’re talking about the types that confuses their cubicle with Miami Beach, the conference room for their mama’s couch, and has the unfortunate belief that everyone in the office wants to see their feet.

Don’t get fired over flip-flops. As a matter of fact, the only thing worse than getting fired on ya day off like Craig from the movie “Friday”, is getting fired because you came in looking like it’s ya day off. “C’mon Craig.”

We at Urban Professor have compiled some helpful tips on the do’s and don’ts of summer workplace attire.

It’s very important to know your environment inside and outside of the office and dress accordingly. CareerBuilder has solid advice on the matter: “Follow the leader.” What the middle management workers wear is a good guide for what you can and cannot get away with.

Fellas, if your male boss isn’t walking around in basketball shorts, Nike sandals and socks, chances are you should save that sort of fit for the barbershop.

Also, try not to wear anything too tight. We’re certain that your co-workers would be mighty proud to see that you’ve been turning into Terry Crews from the Old Spice ads thanks to the gym, but save the tank for a party or near the pool. Also, shy away from wearing anything that looks old, worn, and tattered, we can assure you that the homeless look doesn’t lead to a pity raise.

Some places might allow jeans at work, but if not, look to linen pants or light cotton ones. As for t-shirts, try short-sleeved collared shirts instead, for a relaxed, yet professional appearance. You might be able to take risks with your choice of color, but try to keep your shoe color neutral.

Ladies, be careful about the amount of skin you show. Depending on where you work, maybe you can get away with a tank or t-shirt if you pair it with a skirt or pants, but be sure to wear it with a cardigan or a jacket. You can still look professional in relaxed wear, but, trying to re-enact Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video just because it’s warm outside is a sure way not to have a job come fall.

However, be mindful of your age, weight, and what looks appropriate on you.

Some clothes might not be for your size, so you’re advised not to wear them. Some things may fit perfectly on you…perhaps a little too perfectly. So ladies, stay away from plunging necklines, low cut blouses, and shorts or skirts too high above the knee. Remember: you’re an office worker, not Rihanna, well at least between 9 and 5 you’re not.

As for shoes, both genders need to look out for footwear. Most companies feel that open-toed sandals and flip-flops are unprofessional, so it’s best to hide your big toe. Some women are given leeway with peep toe shoes, but check out the culture at your office before you give a preview of your fresh pedicure. Ladies please make sure your feet can pass the iconic Marcus Graham from “Boomerang” toe test. We remiss.

Not to mention, ladies and gents, keep your sunglasses at home or in the car. You don’t need to stunt in a room with fluorescent lights.

We encourage you to have fun this summer and dress in styles the warmer weather encourages. Just don’t get too hot in the office. Or too cool.