Take It to the Streets

There are some people who only know four places to go in their respective cities: The mall, the movies, the club, and the house.

This kind of city resident is about as good a tour guide as the Jonas Brothers in Amsterdam.

It’s time for you to try new things.

It will make you a much more well-rounded person – and help give you something new to do once that party gets old (or at least until a better club opens up).

Here are some culturally enriching and affordable experiences to check out in your area:

1. The Museum

Stop making that face. There’s a lot to do at a museum. Of course, you can go see the exhibits, but it’s likely that your area museum has new events popping off every week. You can typically find movie screenings, book readings, art shows, food receptions (yes, you can get a good meal), and more. Usually, it’s cheap, too. That makes it an interesting and economical dating spot. At the movies you’ll spend $45 for popcorn and donate a kidney for nachos, all for a movie you probably won’t even like. Why not separate yourself from everyone else and seem up on game?

2. Outdoor Theater

Most cities have an outdoor theater, home to various concerts, plays, musicals, and other entertainment-based programs, which are normally free. Beyonce’ tickets are expensive. The next Beyonce’ singing in the play, “Mama, I Want A Record Deal” at the local theater, isn’t.

3. Street Festivals

With America being such a melting pot of cultures, street festivals are a great way to introduce yourself to different communities. They are often a great place to find art, clothes, jewelry and even furniture.

And how many places can you go get a to go plate and nice gifts on the cheap? Before you ask, your mama’s kitchen and Goodwill don’t count.

4. The Zoo

Hear us out. We realize that the zoo is infamous for being a child’s play land. However, the zoo doesn’t only have to be for kids. Why should they be the only ones keeping Yogi, Boo Boo, Dumbo, Mufasa, and Bambi’s homegirl company?

The zoo is great for a different kind of date. It’s affordable, those interesting smells and characters make for great conversation, and depending on the zoo, maybe even a bit romantic. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

5. The Park

The park encompasses lots of things. You can make a date out of a picnic or use it to spend quality time with family. You can also engage in recreational activity like sports and even take your dog out for some much needed playtime.

Depending on the locale, you might even be able to enjoy a boat ride on an area pond – another different dating idea.

Some parks also could offer free concerts. If your local park doesn’t, just hum on beat or carry your iPod with you. Work with your surroundings.

Most people can live in their cities for years without really exploring it.

It’s important to step out of your comfort zone and try new things to make the most of your city.

We’ve given you some recession-friendly spots to try out, so go ahead; take it to the streets.