Watchin’ Out

Let’s face it. Watches may soon go the way of the cassette tape, but before you jump ship, let’s do a time check.

Computers, cell phones, and iPods seem to have taken the place of the wristwatch for many in this day and age. Except for Flavor Flav, who opts for that ridiculously large clock around his neck.

But, rocking a watch is not as played out as you think. So, we’d like to break down the basics of this timeless staple accessory for you.

A watch can often define the style of the man or woman whose wrists it adorns. It can be deemed a fashion statement, in addition to suggesting that the person who wears it very conscious of punctuality.

And know, if you dare to wear a wristwatch these days, you had better not be late. Otherwise, you’re shaming the accessory and yourself.

In any event, for men, a watch can convey a “gentlemanly” quality to those around him. It can serve as a nice accessory to compliment clothing of men or women and add the perfect touch to your ensemble.

In professional settings, a watch can go a long way to offset an outfit – more so than distracting bulky jewelry.

And you can still make a statement, even if your supervisor doesn’t let you wear your big, 1992 Mary J. Blige-style hoop earrings or if you have to cover up your much proud of “trillville” tattoo. See past article Taboo Tattoo.

Generally, the types of watches can be broken down into four categories:

1. The Everyday Watch

It’s the most traditional of them all and a great starter watch. You can wear this to places like work, the supermarket, or kicking it at a friend’s house. These watches typically come in stainless steel for durability. Now, we know that in the land of “ballers”, we fly before we walk, but, rest assured that everyday watches like the ones below are both practical and fashionable.

Check out: Seiko, Kenneth Cole

2. The Leather Band Watch

Classic yet varied in its style – from casual to formal. Now is a good time to note that as a rule of thumb, your leather band should match your belt and/or shoes. Also, much like wearing scuffed Air Force 1′s, wearing a worn out or cracked leather band is “no bueno”.

Check out: Fossil, Citizen

3. The Luxury Watch

These types of luxury watches are typically expensive – like the price of a Camry and kidney combined. See Barack Obama’s wrist, he wears Tag Heuer watches. Okay, time check, we at Urban Professor understand that Hip Hop has inspired much of us, however, much like believing that Drake is “the only 23 year old wine connoisseur”, believing that rocking the blinged out diamond watch a la Jacob the Jeweler, or worse yet, the fake diamond blinged out watch a la “Jacob the Fooler” in the name of luxury is once again “no bueno”. When it comes to luxury, particularly luxury watches, as the saying goes “game recognizes game”, and please believe real luxury knows what time it is.

Check out: Rolex, TAG Heuer, Cartier, Breitling, Bell & Ross,

4. The Digital Watch

Typically more of a casual watch for outdoor activity, exercising, or more recent casual fashion.

Check out: Casio “G-Shock“, Timex,

Wristwatches are normally worn on the left wrist, but that choice is purely personal, the history stems from the need for older watches to be winded, and since most people are right handed, rocking the clock “southpaw” made sense.

Also, when wearing watches be advised of the following:

  1. Keep your watch clean. A dirty watch is like a bad hairline: It’s distractingly noticeable.
  2. Don’t adjust your band too tight or too loose. You’ll either cut off the circulation to your hand, or irritate someone near you with a floppy watch that sounds like those noisy bangles the girl at the coffee shop wears. If you need help with fitting, a jewelry store can offer assistance, and usually for free.
  3. Adjust and wind your watch as soon as possible, post-purchase.Arriving to a meeting 45 minutes late because your watch stopped on you, is you guessed it, “no bueno”.

And there you have it. A breakdown of one of the most underrated accessories today. Take advantage of our tips and show everyone that you really do know what time it is.