Club Banger

Now hold up. We don’t mean the get yo freak on drop it low type of club. The other kind.

You know what we’re talking about. Remember that one time in high school when you found yourself in some crazy yoga position all because you followed that cutie into that after school meeting? Yeah. That’s a club. And they exist on every college campus, in every city and cover just about any subject you can think of.

So, if you can’t find a class on a subject you like, look for a club. They can help you learn more about a subject that you have a class on, or teach you about something completely new. And aside from just holding meetings, a lot of clubs host events like fashion shows, industry heavy-hitter meet and greets, and parties…yes parties. So you will still be able to get your freak on.

Clubs are started by groups of people who share a common interest in something. Anything. They get together with other like-minded people and there you have it…a new club is born.

Now, if you’re trying to figure out which club or organization will be right for you, just ask yourself one simple question: What are you interested in? Chances are, like those amazing apps, there’s a club for that.

They have clubs for people from the same state, clubs for people who want to work in the entertainment industry; shoot, they’ll probably have a club to stop people from climbing in your window and snatching all your people up– look for Antoine Dodson (of YouTube Auto Tune Fame) to join that one.

But real talk, just get out there and get involved in campus life beyond the classroom. It’s actually pretty dope. You’ll be amazed at the things you learn about yourself and you can meet some really cool people. Plus, being a member or an officer in many organizations is a great way to improve your management, networking, and public speaking skills, all of which are critical for corporate advancement or entrepreneurial success.

Now, if you think the fun stops after college, that’s where you’re wrong. Most industries have professional organizations for people in that field. There are organizations like the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the Black Retail Action Group (BRAG) for you fashion business types, all of which exist to further the work and practices of their respective professions.

So, not only can you become the man/woman in your field by knowing all of the industry trends, but you can also build a crazy network (see Contact High) from other members of the organization.

In fact, you can get a jump start on some of the professional organizations by joining the collegiate affiliate of that organization. For example, the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is the collegiate version of the PRSA.

You see, clubs are for the cool, so don’t be afraid to get out there and get involved in one, or some. Why limit yourself to the stuff your professors tell you (you know some of their information can be a little suspect anyways)? We’re just saying.

Figure out what you like. Do a little research. And join the club! U DEFINE SUCCESS