Career Prep – Losing is NOT an option, it’s just that simple. Career Prep brings together an elite network of success driven trailblazers to share and exchange insights about navigating and winning in the corporate landscape.  Join Discussion Now

Culture – Becoming a mogul, corporate titan, or millenial beast in general encompasses a well rounded personality, the diversity of a modern day renaissance man/woman of sorts. Find out about what should be on your cultural radar and also be the first to let others know what should be on their radar.  Join Discussion Now

Money Right - Young Money is more than a chant, it’s a foreseeable reality for most of us in the Urban Professor community.  Call it cheese, bread, dinero, chips, mulah, chedda, currency, cash, dough, paper, or any other moniker for money, we all need to get it right, thus money right. Learn and exchange tips on making it, saving it, and investing it here.  Join Discussion Now

Profess Video - Behind anything worth mentioning, there’s a team of instrumental players, and corporate America is no different. Come behind the curtains of the coolest brands.

Thru Profess Video, Urban Professor will give you access to the personal brands behind the corporate brands, and find out how they’ve found and defined success.  Join Discussion Now

Swag & Style - Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, however, true style is not and keeping it real can most certainly go wrong. Despite the endless style options, there are rules to this style game, that’s if you want to keep your swag on point of course. Share insights, exchange pointers and advice, learn style tips and even discuss the latest in fashion amongst the young and stylish.  Join Discussion Now

Tech - What’s hot, what’s not. What’s new and what’s now old, what’s fast and of course what’s faster. Follow, fan, friend, invite, connect, and browse, the world of technology has changed our language and culture. Stay up on the latest and share insights on the ever changing world of tech.  Join Discussion Now

September 22, 2010 by admin
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