Poll Dancing Lessons

Every two years on an even year (i.e. 2008, 2010, 2012, etc.) you can expect either a presidential election which occurs every 4 years, or a mid-term election in which you will have a change in the house of representatives (2-year terms) and some of the seats in the senate (6-year terms), you could also have changes in state and local elected officials on this same mid-term election day, which by the way is today.

So, now that the details are covered, here’s the big question; what’s it all to you?  Well, much like First Fridays is usually the day to dress up and put your swagger on 10, first Tuesdays after the first Monday in November a.k.a. “Election Tuesday” is no different and surprisingly Election Tuesday and First Fridays have some striking similarities.

For starters, just like First Fridays have high profile entertainers and celebrities on the main event ticket, don’t expect Election Tuesday to come short on high profile names, some celebrities that have graced election Tuesday tickets have been Linda McMahon (WWE), Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (Terminator), Barack Obama, and who’s going to argue that Jimmy McMillan of “The Rent is Too Damn High Party” fame is not pure entertainment.

Next, just as you would stand in line for the main event on “First Fridays” checking out all the eye candy, such is the same for standing in line to cast your vote, plus chances are you’ll have way less competition from the “vultures” and even better yet, you won’t get taxed for club admission (voting is free).  We could go on and on with the similarities, but we think you get the point, but, if you need any more convincing, let’s not forget about the after parties/election parties (some of these have been epic).  Hey, you might just catch your next potential governor looking like he could be dancing to Ludacris’ “My Chick Bad”?

Now, as if all of the above aren’t enough of a reason to participate in Election Tuesday activity by marching, crumping, dougie-ing, pop-lock-and dropping, stanky leggin’, swag surfin’, or  John Wall-ing to your nearest poll or voting center, there are certainly a few more common reasons, such as improving your community and/or country or simply making your voice count.

You would think after hearing your parents tell you to be quiet for so many years, you would jump at every opportunity to speak, be heard and make a difference, well now’s the time.  Surely, after enough practice voting on 106 and Park for the top 10 videos, you know that 1 voice multiplied by many makes a difference, so your one voice/one vote does make a difference.

By now you should have little excuse not to vote, if you don’t exactly know every candidate or what their platform (campaign promise) is, no worries there are sites that provide cheat sheets on candidate’s party affiliations and views, worse case you can pick whoever has the coolest name, longest name, or hardest name to pronounce (trust us, some people’s reasons for voting for a certain candidate are as in depth as “they look intelligent”).  As you get more accustomed to the act of voting you will grow increasingly more aware/interested of candidates and their platforms.

As for not knowing where to vote, there are sites like www.vote411.org/pollfinder.php that will help you find your nearest voting center, though admittedly not as much help in finding your nearest free ATM should you decide to visit the pole dancing after poll dancing, but hey, there’s an app for that.  Also, if you’re uncertain if you’ve registered to vote or are uncertain of voter requirements in your state, you can visit sites like http://www.declareyourself.com/.

So leave the pole dancing to Snooki, get up on these poll dancing lessons and make your voice be heard today, and watching Baracka Flacka Flames on YouTube hardly counts as being politically minded.  Get out and vote, as for work or school, believe it or not, being late due to voting is far more permissible than” I overslept” or “I was having car trouble,” but, in case your boss/teacher simply isn’t going, you can plan your day knowing that most polls stay open late, often until 8PM local time.

We’ll see you at the after party.   U DEFINE SUCCESS