Success – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Our solution is to translate, create, and deliver rich content and dynamic experiences, that resonate with and expose young leaders to tools for success.

As we bring 2010 to a close, we are grateful for the success we’ve had thus far.  To date, we empower and connect with over 3,000 young leaders weekly and help them define success with our unique voice on career development content.

We are incredibly proud and thankful for our subscribers to be so driven.  YOU have clearly stated that losing is NOT an option, that U DEFINE SUCCESS, and success is not exclusive.

It is your standard for premium content in a manner that resonates with young leaders like you, that drives us.

Here are some of our features that will allow us to help U DEFINE SUCCESS:

  1. There’s much promise for our newest feature, the “U Connect” community.  In the U Connect community, members experience success shared like nowhere else.  Imagine a whole community full of your driven peers and diverse young professionals where you can exchange insights on everything from thoughts of dreadlocks in the workplace to multiple viewpoints of tattoos on the job, to even style suggestions for an interview in graphic design.
  2. The success of our internship/scholarship updates has truly been unprecedented.  Not to say we didn’t expect this considering that we’ve posted internships/scholarships from the likes of HBO, Sean John, Marvel Comics, Michael Kors, Boston Bruins, Sony Pictures, Levi’s, True Religion Jeans, Coca-Cola and many more.  Now, are your College/High School career centers delivering access like this, and all for free?  Check us out:
  3. Cutting edge social media customization.  If we told you there was a place where you can access all of the social connections for the brightest and most relevant models of success for our generation all in one place, would you believe us?  How about if we created it  That’s right; imagine accessing all the social connections for success icons from Jay-Z to the Dalai Lama, to Steve Jobs and Kimora Lee Simmons and many more all in one place.

These are but a few of our features, as we continue on a quest to become the #1 preferred hub for success driven young adults.

Our goals for 2011, are as follows:

  • Provide unmatched video access to established professionals with the coolest brands via Profess Video.  Imagine connecting with some of the most creative minds behind brands like Google, Nike, NBA, Beats by Dre, ESPN, HBO, and countless brands and vocations that inspire us.  If it’s cool biz we’ll take you there.
  • Take the concept of “success sharing” to unimaginable heights via the latest and most cutting edge technology like facebook open graphs, QR code technology, and Meebo drag & drop sharing.  Come explore our latest upgrades, available now.
  • Creating the ultimate success suite for each member via user lockers, imagine one place where you can store every quote, article,  blog post, video, interview or whatever inspires U to Define Success from anywhere on the internet.

All of this and more is and will be available to you via your friends at Urban Professor.  Sign up today for free at and be sure to get non-stop access to Urban Professor and all of our valuable features by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our online community.

For any questions or feedback, be sure to contact us directly at:

Happy Holidays and cheers to SUCCESS in 2011,

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