In Honor of a Dream…

It would be fair to say that with every passing year recent and future generations may not grasp the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, his peace and equality movement, or his game changing “I Have a Dream Speech”.

To compare his speech to anything would be utterly unfair, we’re not exactly talking Biggie vs. Pac or LeBron vs. Kobe like comparisons here, but rather something that without it, life as we know it and the comparisons we have the luxury of making today, might have never existed.   As unfair as it would be to compare Dr. King’s speech to anything, we at Urban Professor figure it’s far more unfair to not grasp and appreciate the impact of his speech, so here we go.

To even begin to understand the “I Have a Dream” speech, you must first understand the climate of the early 60’s in the U.S.  The racial tension and segregation that existed makes Rodney King look like an aggressive game of “open chest” and not being able to catch a cab look like a “great day to take a stroll.”  Suffice to say that our luxuries of today were unimaginable for those before us, and our racially based  issues as bad as some of us may feel they are currently, are mild in comparison, like Justin Bieber vs. Beanie Sigel “who would you more fear for your life” like mild in comparison.

Only, after you begin to imagine what the tension was like, can you begin to appreciate the magnitude of Dr. King’s speech, don’t let the Black & White video footage fool you either, the “I Have a Dream” speech was certainly epic.  Though a Hype Williams type video production touch would certainly be noteworthy.

You would have to understand the power of a revolutionary moment to grasp the extent of his speech.  The “I Have a Dream Speech” would be to Dr. King what the “Thriller” video was to Michael Jackson, what the dunk from the free throw line with tongue hanging and ball palmed firmly in hand was to Air Jordan, or what inauguration day as bitterly cold as it was, was to now President Barack Obama.  These defining moments all demanded our attention and challenged our notion of everyday life before it.  More than anything else these moments set culturally redefining wheels in motion that would firmly revolutionize anything before it and never allow us to forget where we were when they occurred.

More than what a New Year’s resolution can capture, we ask today’s emerging young professional generation, also referred to as the infamous facebook or internet generation, what will be your defining moment?  What movement will have your face immortalized as its front man/front woman?  We at Urban Professor have a vison that U DEFINE SUCCESS, and that success is exclusive to no one culture or group, we merely exist to we translate, create, and deliver rich content and dynamic experiences, that resonate with and expose young leaders to this success; taking them beyond where they’ve been, to inspire where they may go.

This weekend, on the 25th Anniversary of the nationally recognized holiday for his birthday, Dr. King we salute you.  We didn’t have to live the movement to love the movement, we honor the trail you’ve blazed, the change you’ve inspired and cheers to your defining moment.  Without question, U DEFINE SUCCESS.

View the full version of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” on our Profess Video channel