Bar Hopping – Hop on Board the Rise of QR Code

Some forms of technology have had careers like pop stars, good for the moment and full of potential like Ruben Stoddard of American Idol fame only to fall off with no warning (see Skytel Pagers), others like Myspace have suffered the fate of become irrelevant or obsolete by a more relevant technology like facebook, eerily similar to how Ja Rule went from 60-to-0 with the rise of 50 Cents.

Still, despite the constant changes in technology, we as leaders must stay readily in position to ride the rise of the next big thing, or face the reckless fate of being the guy or girl in the dark.  Lil’ Wayne did say, “some of us don’t get the picture unless the flash is on.”

Then there’s the kind of technology that makes it a little easier to trust though, the ones that have actually been around for quite some time.  The tech ones that bubble and have a dependable following kind of like an Indy artist, street ball legend, or underground rappers like J. Cole, Curren$y or Wiz Khalifa.  You love them for their untapped potential and raw skill, you wonder how you could enjoy such a thing without so many of your peers and companions having the slightest of a clue, or in this case, the slightest of a Q, as in QR code.

QR code, a name you may not be all too familiar with, has actually been around since 1994.  Not new to the tech scene at all, and having a legion of faithful followers, particularly from Japan (it’s native origin); QR code is set to hit the U.S. market with much speed.  We’re talking speed like the music artist Drake on the mix tape circuit, and QR code is far from reaching its full potential.

What exactly is QR code you ask?  QR code stands for quick response code, and is typically the shape of a square barcode.  The QR code makes accessing URL’s (websites), text, contact information or locations quick and relatively painless.  It takes printed content to online content with the scan of your camera.

Now that all our business women/men, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and influencers are scratching their heads feverishly with what this can mean, let’s first tell you some ways they are currently being used.  QR code usage can vary from:

  1. Replacing business card info
  2. Promoting your business via t-shirts, stickers, or other printable surface for low cost
  3. Have fun on your social networks by switching your avatar to a QR code

These are just some ways that are readily available for the day-to-day person, but, please don’t get it twisted, QR code is big business.  We’re talking million(s) dollar budget business and you may yet to notice.  QR codes are typically black & white, and take the shape of a box like the one below, while others called “designer QR code” are a bit more fancy and artistic much like the one in the title for this article or the colorful one for Urban Professor.

The black and white ones (above) are typically free to create and can be generated from sites like Qurify or Kaywa, more sophisticated and designer QR codes can vary in price.

To read QR codes you will need a QR app reader, most are free. Some of the best that we’ve found are Quick MarkBee TaggNeo Reader and I-nigma.  After downloading these apps, you just open the app and point your camera at the target (barcode), just like you would in the club, and your in business.

QR codes are penetrating our lives at warp speed, almost as if it will have its own reality show soon, fashion brands like Louis Vutton and Calvin Klein use QR, music artist like Kanye West use QR, Hollywood fully embraces QR code, Vibe magazine uses QR code, the NBA is riding the QR code revolution, even HBO True Blood has sunk their teeth into QR, Urban Professor embraces QR code (see below), now what about you?

Yes, for some skeptics, there’s the dark side of QR code like what’s next, or how intrusive but, something tells us at Urban Professor that if we can stomach dresses made of meat a la Lady Gaga, YouTube sensations like Antoine Dodson, or Spanx for men (no comment), we can handle QR code.  So, if you have a smart phone your certainly invited to the party, Urban Professor is going “bar hopping”.

Please check out our original video that walks you thru becoming QR savvy, we enlisted the help of President Barack Obama and Will Ferrell. U DEFINE SUCCESS

January 18, 2011 by Urban Professor