The Year of the Rabbit, 2011 – 11 Cool Internships to Hop On For Summer ’11

On the other side of the world, the fireworks started many hours ago welcoming 2011 a.k.a. the Year of the Rabbit, and we’d bet that with over a billion people celebrating, at least one crowd broke out the Asian version of the “Dip and Pitts”.  With as much snow, ice, and even “thunder snow” (has anyone figured out what this is yet) that the U.S. has been receiving as of late, we could certainly use a good reason to celebrate, and Chinese New Year is as good as any.

The Year of the Rabbit which is marked by the 4th sign of the Chinese zodiac and is widely known for a year of luck started today.  The celebration marks the first day of the lunar New Year, and for our Urban Professor fans it marks a new set of 11 internships to “hop” on for summer ’11.  Use the luck of the Year of the Rabbit in your favor and be sure to get after these internships ASAP:

1)      Ralph Lauren – Why not use the summer to brush up on your fashion skills and learn from one of the best to every do it (Ralph Lauren), the subsidiary brand of Ralph Lauren has some great merchandising internships available.  Find out more here:  Club Monaco Summer ’11 Internship

2) – We know your swag is on 10, and you’re the best thing to happen to style since the NBA dress code, but don’t miss out on a great opportunity to learn the business of interactive marketing and social media from one of today’s hottest brands.  Find out more here: Summer ’11 Internship

3)      Rosetta Stone – We at Urban Professor believe success has a language all too itself, so we thank you for joining our movement.  But, if you’re into the broad array of languages that are actually spoken throughout the world, you don’t get much better than learning from the leading language learning resource available, Rosetta Stone.  Find out about their Summer ’11 opportunities here:  Rosetta Stone Summer ’11 Internship

4)      Gilt Groupe – These days everyone with a camera on a phone feels like a photographer, but, for those of you who actually put in work with a camera and can go to work with a shutter this internship is for you.  Don’t miss out, as Lil’ Wayne said “but most of y’all don’t get the picture unless the flash is on.”  Smile and find out more here:  Gilt Groupe Photography Internship

5)      The Blue Flame Agency – Okay, so you’ve seen the shows and compared yourself to the contestants, well now’s your time to work for Diddy.  Well, not necessarily Diddy, but Diddy’s marketing/advertising agency.  Come be a part of Mr. Comb’s empire and TRUST US when we tell you, it will change your life for the better.  Strap in tight for a ride in the fast lane for Mogul 101, find out more here:  Diddy Summer ’11 Internship

6)      Cirque Du Soleil – If you haven’t been to Cirque Du Soleil you have NO idea what you’re missing.  What could beat spending a summer of putting your creativity and imagination on performance enhancers with the other brand known for black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow?  Our thoughts exactly, Nothing.  The Bentley of live performance and the Foamposite of circuses is accepting internship applications.  Find out more here:   Cirque Du Soleil Summer ’11 Internship

7)      Starwood hotels – Learn the business of hospitality and tourism from the best in the business, though we warn you that going back to dorm rooms and communal showers may be no picnic after being exposed to the world of Starwood Hotels.  Come behind the curtains of brands like W Hotel, Westin, Sheraton and many more.  Find out more here:  Starwood Hotels Summer ’11 Internship

8)      Target – Spend a summer with the bullseye; learn the business of one of every college student’s favorite retailers.  Really, does anybody not like Target?  Find out more here:  Target Summer ’11 Internship

9)      Playboy – Really.  Do you need convincing here?  Everybody wins here, there’s no doubt that come time to share stories on how you spent your summer you’ll have everyone’s attention.  Come spend a summer learning the business behind sex appeal and beauty.  Find out more here:  Playboy Summer ’11 Internship

10)   Amazon – Is there anything that can’t be purchased on Amazon?  Actually, there is, put your bid in for an internship with one of America’s fastest growing internet success stories.  We assure you that an Internship with Amazon is highly competitive and can’t be purchased on Amazon, so hurry and apply today.  Find out more here: Amazon Summer ’11 Internship

11)   Pixar Animation Studios – Who ever said cartoon and animation was for kids, obviously never heard of Pixar Animation Studios.  The Studio that bought you the movies Toy Story, Cars, and Finding Nemo is certainly not child’s play.  Come learn firsthand the business of animation as an Art Intern with Pixar.  Find out more here:  Pixar Animation Studios Summer ’11 Internship

So hop to it and apply for these internships today.  You may want to grab a rabbit’s foot for good luck, as there will be no shortage of them with it being the Year of the Rabbit.   Happy Chinese New Year to you all.  U DEFINE SUCCESS.