Who’s Your Big 3? – Developing a Team of Professionals to Guide You to Career Success

Most if not all teams mentioned in contention for an NBA championship have the oft heard Big 3; Boston (Pierce, Garnett, and Allen), San Antonio (Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili), Los Angeles (Kobe, Gasol, and Odom), New York (Amare’, Carmelo, and Chauncey) and what’s an article on Big 3’s without the much hyped and controversial Miami trio of LeBron, D-Wade, and Bosh.

Now, before you begin to think that Big 3’s are reserved to sports, let’s not forget Hip-Hop’s Young Money “Big 3” of Lil’ Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj, and some of us even secretly have roster’s of 3 or more when dating (i.e. dude with the nice car, real cute waiter, and handsome conversationalist), don’t front now player, a “Big 3” when it comes to dating is putting it lightly for some of you.  Eitherway, it goes without saying that in pursuits of success, the solo road is without question the most difficult, costly and often inefficient.  Even if the other players are less prominent a la The Black Eyed Peas (yeah, go ahead and try to name the other members besides Fergie and Will.I.AM, didn’t think so), the concept of surrounding yourself with talented individuals for ultimate success is a proven winner.

Whether your course is pursuing your dream career, starting your own business, or just managing brand YOU, a team (usually of no less than 3) is critical.  What could that team look like you might ask?  For starters, a good accountant is critical as you develop into the promising success icons and corporate beast you are destined to become.  A good accountant can make both personal and business pursuits a refreshing and prosperous effort.  They provide great peace of mind when dealing with taxes, managing business growth, and are reliable consultants when facing lifestyles changes common to all of us ( think Mo’ money, Mo’ Problems).

Also, a skilled and knowledgeable attorney is without question needed in any starting line-up be it personal or professional.  From corporate law to criminal law, a trusted and knowledgeable attorney can be the closest thing to a guardian angel when the realities of life deal you a bad hand similar to getting a “15” in a game of Black Jack.  Though typically known for being costly, there is no shortage of good attorneys that won’t cost you a liver and an appendix.  If it should ever come down to a new Louis Vuitton bag or “good” legal counsel for a serious matter, be sure to bet the latter, if you don’t believe us ask “Diddy” or “Mark Zuckerberg” about the importance of a good attorney.  Hopefully they can recommend a good one for Jalen Rose after his recent DUI incident.

Other possible positions to fill YOUR personal Big 3 can come in the form of a financial advisor, primary physician (you don’t appreciate a good one until you get a bad one), suit tailor, personal trainer, personal assistant (they’re not just for corner offices CEO’s), a trusted mentor, guidance counselor, a caring teacher/professor and many more as your unique circumstance may require.

The sooner you assemble your trusted team and apply them to your career and personal pursuits you will undoubtedly be singing your own championship song and your friends at Urban Professor will bring the champagne.  U DEFINE SUCCESS