New York Cinema – Tribeca Film Festival 2011

There are quite a few things that capture the essence of New York, some being late night pizza after a long night of fun, the smell of “street meat” on a cold winter night, Diddy looking over the city via his billboard as you cruise thru Times Sq., Hot 97 Summer Jam and first Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum are just a few.  However, this list would not be complete without the now wildly popular Tribeca Film Festival.

From April 20th – May 1st, the city will be in a buzz with the latest independent films, short films, and movie royalty appearances and interviews.  Whether it’s a bucket list item, New York City must do, or cultural enlightment, be sure to check out the schedule and get in where you fit in.

For those of you, saving your money for the summer debauchery to soon come, here’s the kicker, wait for it… they have free events, movie showing, and interviews as well.

So, enjoy the show.  Literally.  U DEFINE SUCCESS