Straight Out of the Penn – It’s Time for the Penn Relays

As the first and oldest of relay meets, the Penn Relays prides itself on staying at the forefront of advances in the sport.

The must attend at least once event is held every April for three days in Philadelphia.  The Relays bring together the best track and field athletes from high schools and colleges worldwide, of course you don’t need us to tell you that it doesn’t bring just college athletes together, but college students that are “stars” in their own right.

In addition to college and high school races they also hold races on Saturday with Olympic athletes,  last year had the likes of “Mr. Catch Me if you Can,” Usain Bolt himself.

Whether you’re an athlete at heart, a sports enthusiast or merely a fan of the next “it” event, the Penn Relays is definitely the spot to be this weekend (April 28-30, 2011).

Some of our more “Old School” subscribers surely remember the Penn Relays from Cliff “Combustible” Huxtable fame.

For those of you those of you sports enthusiast and cultural adventurist that can’t attend the relays in Philadelphia, PA this weekend, you can run to your newest computer and watch the games live on the Penn Relays site.