Thank You To All of our Urban Professor Supporters

We have a saying that we use around here, “Not all organizations and movements are to be joined, some are to be built.”  It is with this energy that we move forward as a team of constructors.  Ultimately not knowing where this journey will take us with each of you, but, not shielded from adversity but supported by a faith that it can be better.

A faith in a real simple belief that success does not discriminate, instead it sets the highest standards for those seeking it, it is exclusive to no age, gender, sex, race, socioeconomic background or personal appearance.

Success embodies a unique culture with varied languages.

At Urban Professor, we exist to translate, create and deliver rich and dynamic experiences that resonate with and expose young leaders to this culture.

Join the movement today.  As we reflect briefly on our last year, we ask you to connect with us in any and all of our platforms for the ultimate “U DEFINE SUCCESS” experience.

All in a years work, thanks for all the support, onward and upward in the next year.  U DEFINE SUCCESS

April 29, 2011 by Mr. Forte