4 Reasons Not to Panic About Graduating Jobless

So, before you go crazy on the next person that may ask you every graduate’s favorite question, “So, what’s next,” your good friends at Urban Professor are here to share with you 4 reasons not to panic.

Say Your Grace – Hopefully you did read all the fine print that came with the multiple forms you signed when you took on that hefty loan for school (sure you did), in the event that you didn’t we have good and bad news.

First, the good news is that there is a high probability that you don’t have to pay your student loan back immediately if you recently graduated due to what’s called a “grace period,” consider this the time period in which your loans are just cracking their knuckles and stretching their muscles before they come to collect.  The bad news is that you will have to pay your student loans back eventually, and the grace period expiration times vary depending on the loans.

For those of you proactive types with good hearts, there are even organizations that will assist you with your student loan repayments in exchange for some of your services, and we’re not talking military.  Organizations like Teach for America or Sponsor Change lighten the student loan burden of graduates affiliated with them when these graduates give back to the community.

Me Inc. –  Your young, educated, have very few expenses, and more than likely fewer responsibilities, what better time to shelve the fears of jumping out there with the next world changing or even community changing business.  What’s the worse that can happen?  You may fall flat on your butt, get embarrassed, or even lose a few of the dollars that you have.  More than likely, all of those can be rectified, you will probably stand again and brush yourself off, you will once again be cool and full of swag, and you will probably recoup those invested dollars you loss.  Now, what’s to lose by not giving it a serious shot, now that we assure you is really scary, look around you, there is no shortage of dreams deferred.  Challenge yourself to be your best self with your unique gift and executable idea.  One way or the other, you will learn something new.

You Are Not Alone – Yes, we’re singing to you in our best  Michael Jackson voice here, “You Are Not Alone.”  If by chance you’re snuggling up with your blankie or Adidas track jacket, graduation cap and gown and asking yourself “Why Me,” we can assure you that there are thousands if not millions of other unemployed recent graduates just like you .  The truth is that you must persevere with your dream, do not just settle for a job at the movies (though the Urban Professor team would love the hook up).  Be diligent and flexible in the pursuit of your career, there is no telling which way or how wide the window of opportunity may open, what’s important is that you are hungry and creative enough to get your butt through that window.

Summertime – There’s a reason why most graduations occur at the beginning of the summer.  Would you really want to be a recent graduate having to face unemployment in non-stop rain or bitter cold.  The weather is on your side in the summer, so live a little since you walking around like Tommy from “Martin” with no job anyways.  Give a gift to yourself this summer by traveling, relaxing or crossing off some bucket list items while you sort out the career details.

So while it is true, that a graduation degree will not keep you warm at night and evidently doesn’t guarantee you a job or better yet a career, it does go to show that you can finish something you started.  It’s a tangible reminder that you are not a quitter and are capable of withstanding the adversities that challenge an objective.  Enjoy the milestone of graduation and no need to panic.  U DEFINE SUCCESS

June 21, 2011 by Urban Professor