Pamplona Running of the Bulls

Today, July 6th kicks off the annual fiestas of San Fermin, most known for the Running of the Bulls.  Now, let’s be clear, we at Urban Professor love adventure as much as any, but, we openly admit that we’re only spectators of this famous event.  Something about running from an enraged animal that can run faster than you, outweighs you, has more reasons to be upset than Rodney King, and lest we forget has horns that are notoriously known for juggling people as if “whip my hair” by Willow Smith were it’s favorite song.

All the aforementioned aside though, few things compare when looking to take on some of the true eclectic and broad culture of the world.  Pamplona, the host city of the running of the bulls is less than 5 hours via ground travel from both the capital of Spain, Madrid and also Barcelona.   Also, the Running of the Bulls which in truth is no more than 15 minutes in length is but one of quite a few events that take place during the San Fermin festival.  The San Fermin festival known for drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors also features celebrations and events such as Las Dianas, El Apartado, fireworks, and the procession of mules and horses.

So before you plan yet another trip to Miami, Cancun or maybe even Vegas consider lacing up the kicks and traveling to Pamplona, Spain.  If you are crazy enough to run with the bulls, do try your best to avoid being the next featured guest on “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong” a la Dave Chappelle fame.  For all the other more sane visitors, there are countless locations to view the event in the safety and amongst the sanity of many others.

If you are of the spirit to check the San Fermin Festival next year, the Running of the Bulls for 2012 begins on July 6th and you can find our more about about reservations here.