Boyz N the Hood 20 Years Later

More than just street life and gang activity, Boyz N the Hood represented a culturally classic film that gave a platform for debate, awareness, and even a call to action for change.  For many Boyz N the Hood was a a glimpse into a world they couldn’t imagine, for others a mirror of their reality, and still many others a world to emulate or fear.  However, your stance, the movie and its director (John Singleton) captured the resolve, ambition and challenges of growing up in the “The Hood.”

Today we can all be happy for progress and ascension for a culture.  20 years later, Hip-Hop culture, hood roots, and street life has not been stagnant.  Young adults from South Central and beyond can see reflections of themselves from South Central to the White House, from Doughboy (the drug dealer) to Ice Cube (the movie/tv producer and icon), from Hip-Hop music and films depicting the hood, to Hip-Hop culture and the business of Hip-Hop that is penetrating every facet of corporate culture from headphones and computers to professional sports team ownership and branded water.

Happy 20th Anniversary “Boyz N the Hood.”