On the Come UP…Cory Townes

Name: Cory Townes

Brand Affiliation: Babylon Cartel

Job Title: Head of Content

Age: 24

UP:  If you had to apply a title to yourself, what is it you say you do?

  • Cory: I am the Head Content Producer and Head of Marketing of Babylon Cartel. If I had to label myself, I would call myself something of a social conduit between the general public and those in the entertainment industry.

UP:  That’s pretty dope. For those who don’t know Babylon Cartel is branded as a “Clothing Line with a Voice,” exposing clients to emerging music artists as well as wardrobe items. What drove you to pursue your dreams in this field? Why not take the more travelled road to success?

  • Cory: The motivating factor that leads me to do what I’m doing is that at an early age, I realized that a 9-5 job might not necessarily have been for me. Not to knock it by any means, but by those around me, I’ve grown with an entrepreneurial spirit.

UP:  And with all the innovations our generation has at our disposal the market is definitely more accessible to entrepreneurs. What are your thoughts on the importance of a college education, especially as it pertains to your career?

  • Cory: I feel as though college is necessary for ANY career or position, if not for the things I’ve learned in the classroom, but the experiences and people that I’ve met out of it.  I attended Lincoln University (PA), the nation’s first Historically Black College and University, so I was able to meet successful black men and women from all walks of life.  And with these people that I have established these connections with, I still utilize them today and wouldn’t have met them if I had not attended.

UP:  The networking opportunities in college are definitely underrated, glad to know you held on to those connections. How has being a minority affected your career path thus far, and how do you see it playing a factor?

  • Cory: Well, I’ll say that in the entertainment media field, the field itself is wide open. Anyone can really get behind a computer with something good to say and be a blogger. And nowadays, the big companies and corporations are realizing that this is the “IN” field to be in.  So me being a young black man, it has actually helped me in my field, because I may be what these corporations are actually looking for.

UP:  We can see that especially around the media related industries, fashion as well.  When was the last time you’ve been inspired?  From what?

  • Cory: The beauty of my field is that it’s so free and independent, that I have the opportunity to literally be inspired by things on a daily basis. And I have honestly found inspiration in ANYTHING: people, places, things, and events, you name it, it’s inspired me. I live by a quote that I actually came up with one day: “Inspiration Promotes Elevation.” That basically means that whatever you find that inspires you, use that to elevate your game and skills to the highest levels you can reach.

UP:  We may have to steal that, ha-ha. It’s definitely easier to improve your performance when it’s motivated by something you have a passion for. If you had to choose what’s the biggest myth about your respective industry that you’ve learned during experience up to this day?

  • Cory: I think the biggest myth in my industry is that it’s easy to be successful. I said earlier in this article that anyone could get behind a computer and be a blogger. But it takes that person who loses sleep behind the computer putting up posts, that person who researches artists before they interview them, that person who knows how to talk both to those in a suit and those in a t-shirt that will make it in this industry.  I, by no means, feel as though I have “made it” and I always feel like there’s that one person not sleeping when I am, and that makes me want to work harder.

UP:  If you could rewind a few years back to being a 19-year-old college student receiving a refund check again, with hindsight being 20/20, how would you use your refund check differently?

  • Cory: This question makes me laugh.  I think if I were blessed with a refund check right now, I would use that money to purchase an Apple MacBook.  My business is predominately run on the Internet, and my choice of computer isn’t the most reliable.  So I would use that investment to purchase the best computer possible, as I know that computer would more than triple that investment over time.

UP:  I made that investment heading into my freshman year of college and have absolutely no regrets, so good call. Looking at the origins of Cory Townes, I have to ask how have your roots supported your career pursuits?

  • Cory: I truly believe that my roots have supported my pursuits.  Like I said earlier, I’ve been raised to be an entrepreneur and have been blessed to have not one, but two people in my life that I look at as mentors.  My father is a famous musician and entertainer who many refer to as the greatest of his craft, and my stepfather is one of the most known and successful entrepreneurs in the city of Philadelphia, my hometown.  So I’ve looked to these men as benchmarks of the success that I one day hope to reach, and they teach me what to and not to do in this business.

UP:  It’s definitely harder to go wrong when you can learn from the mistakes of legends. Speaking of music, what Pandora channel are you listening to these days, particularly when you’re in “get money” mode?

  • Cory: I don’t really listen to Pandora, but I’ll go on record to say I have one of the best 8GB iPods out.  I have select playlists, from Lex Luger productions, to a Kanye West playlist, to a set of songs of the newest stars of hip-hop which I called “The Future”.  If I had to focus on one artist or type of music, I’ll definitely say Rick Ross and the Maybach Music Group album “Self Made” is getting a lot of play on the iPod.

MMG Presents: Self Made, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Version)

Click to listen/buy

Watch the Throne, JAY Z

Click to listen/buy

UP:  The Self Made album definitely is getting lots of love on our iTunes as well.  We feel as though MMG is defining success on their own by proclaiming that they are “Self Made”.  If had to, how would U Define Success?

  • Cory: I’ll leave it with a quote that I’ve learned on my journey to being a brother of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.: “The difference between a successful person and all others is not a lack of strength, nor a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” If you don’t have the will to be successful, then you won’t be successful.  U DEFINE SUCCESS

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September 12, 2011 by Urban Professor