Urban Professor Presents…A Driven World

URBAN PROFESSOR, presents “A DRIVEN WORLD,” a fresh and unapologetic lecture series that speaks to the need for students to take their career pursuits into their own hands. The 90-minute lecture tour will debut at Tennessee State University.  What “A Different World” did for exposing America to college life at HBCU’s and removing the taboo of college life for a generation that would soon aspire to enroll in college at record #’s, “A DRIVEN WORLD” sets out to expose the truth on career preparation and corporate ascension for a collegiate audience that finds life post-grad all too taboo.

A DRIVEN WORLD looks to deliver an innovative and magnifying call-to-action as a lecture that resonates with and energizes collegiate students via its pop culture components and assist them on a path to define success for themselves with its unique take on career prep content and technique.  U DEFINE SUCCESS

Somewhere between college graduation and your dream job lies a cold place that will test if you’re more faith than fear.

Before you reach success, you must visit…

A Driven World.

Location:  Tennessee State University (Forum)

Date:  Sept. 13th, 2011

Time:  7:00PM

Music:  DJ Crisis

September 12, 2011 by Urban Professor