Divine 9

“Yes, big brother almighty,” pardon us as we channel our inner love for Spike Lee’s “School Daze” and movie quotes of course.  Both film and TV have a rich history of influencing the thinking of the masses, though many times this influence is commonly known to be more non-productive harm than good, a la “Basketball Wives,“ yeah we said it.

Every so often though, there is some groundbreaking programming that makes your inner hustle and mindless workhorse stand to attention quicker than that time you were forced to sober up after being pulled over after a night of drinking Ciroc Peach mixed with well… Ciroc Peach.

Though not nearly as popular as the season premiere of BET’s “The Game,” make no mistake that some of the success oriented TV programming that we elude to here can be every bit as intriguing and without question more enlightening.  Unless of course, your plans are actually to land you an athlete, in which case, we still suggest that you tune into the suggested programming, as we have surely learned by now that the finances of professional athletes are about as reliable as Dr. Dre actually releasing the “Detox” album.  However, If you still don’t believe our faith in athletes, try asking T.O., Allen Iverson , or Marion Jones for a buck, yeah, not so much.

So, without any further built up anticipation, we urge you to clear some room in your DVR and step your grind up, as we bring you our list of 9 TV programs for the Young & Driven:

Think you have what it takes to pitch your start-up business, it’s all fun and games until seasoned investors like Daymond John of FUBU Fame and Mark Cuban of the NBA World Champion Dallas Mavericks either chop your business idea up or partner with you on the next new innovation

Sometimes the only thing more valuable than being given money, is great advice on how to make even more money.  Watch when business start-ups are paired with seasoned corporate veterans to grow their business.

Just when you thought all you had to do was work hard, you find out that there’s some truth to the saying “no risk, no reward.”  Meet those who won big, only by risking big.  #YOLO

Watch inspirational stories of those who came to the fork in the road and went straight, no hustle playbook is complete without knowing these stories.

If you think making money is hard, trust us when we say managing it is harder.  Learn some of the best advice on money management here.

So you see the number charts every so often, and you’ve heard something about a bull and a bear, but, still don’t feel comfortable with the stock market, jump in and get your feet wet with stock market insights and teachings daily from the mad man they call “Cramer.”

If buying a house were as easy as pie, we’d all be ballin’.  In truth, the home buying process is quite intimidating and sometimes more nerve wrecking than the auto-spell on an iPhone, but, more often than not, home buying is quite fulfilling.  Learn the 101 on purchasing your first place here.

Losing your property virginity comes second only to “how” you lose your property virginity.  Tune in for the 101 on the planning process for your big day.

From Jay-Z to Simon Cowell, there’s no denying the success of some of today’s most visible icons.  Similarly, to deny yourself of being familiar of their inspiring journies to success thru the brilliant lens of the Master Class program is more unforgiveable than some of Cee-Lo Green’s choice of attire sometimes.

Now, surely we’re not suggesting that you change your TV programming over night, as there is some truth to the echo “It’s only entertainment.”  Think of our list as more of a diversification of your TV playlist, kind of like inserting some Jay Dilla or J. Cole between a music playlist of Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj.

Enjoy and be warned, these shows are quite addictive.  U DEFINE SUCCESS

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March 21, 2012 by Urban Professor