On the Come UP…Jusepet Rodriguez

Name: Jusepet Rodriguez

Brand Affiliation: Adidas America

Job Title: Account Marketing Executive U.S

Age: 22

UP: Juice, first thanks for working with Urban Professor to share your story. If you don’t mind telling us, what are your current titles?

JR: No problem thanks for the opportunity; I’m currently an Account marketing executive at Adidas.

UP: Nice, so with sneakers being your main focus what’s the motivating factor that drove you into this industry?

JR: What motivated me and drove me to this industry was street wear and collecting sneakers.

UP: Now we know you don’t have to go to college to start collecting sneakers, but was college necessary for your current position?

JR: School is always necessary, but no one can take your experiences away. What you learn on your own has such fundamental value.

UP: Definitely, self-made is a motto a lot of people preach, but fail to practice.  Let’s talk obstacles, how has being a minority affected your career pursuits?

JR: It didn’t affect me in a negative way, if anything it made me stronger. I continue to pursue my dreams and work harder.

UP: Very positive response, you have to roll with the punches to make progress. So, what’s the best advice you’ve received in the last few years?

JR: It actually happened last week, I was at a sales meeting, and legendary softball coach Sue Enquist gave me great advice after her motivational speech. She said “Make your own green grass, it is not better on the other side”. This made me work even harder. People always seem to say it’s probably better on the other side but why not just work on the side you’re already on?

UP: Always take care of home. Speaking of home, what is the corporate culture like at “Adidas”?

JR: It is awesome! I have such great co-workers; everyone is so positive and knowledgeable about fashion. We all come from different worlds, and different experiences. It is an amazing company to work for.

UP: Great to hear! What are your thoughts on work/life balance? Is it a challenge to manage the two?

JR: I am always working; I can be just chillin’ with my friends and if I walk into a store and our apparel is not merchandised the right way I will fix it. You must always be ambitious.

UP: What’s your favorite app to use on the day-to-day hustle?

JR: Instagram

UP: Gotta love instagram, Favorite place you’ve visited outside of Miami and Cancun of course?  JR:  Tokyo, Japan was my favorite place I have visited. It is amazing the culture, food, sneakers, and architecture. Trust me, make the trip even if you have to sell your adidas Jeremy Scott collection to pay for the trip.

UP: What’s something that you want to put the Urban Professor audience on to (blog, website, up and coming artist, technology, clothing brand, etc.)

JR: A$AP Rocky, adidas, Instaprint, Kirillwashere, #Allpro, theampmlife, Azealia Banks.


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