Shoe Dat?

Tip 1: Always have your shoes shined when making a business appearance. Though the little sneaker store shoe shine cases are effective, they’re mild in comparison to an old-fashioned shoe shine (you might recognize these as the elevated chair w/a gentleman or lady manning them). An old-fashioned shoe shine should cost no more than $6, and usually deserves an additional $2 tip (if not for the shine, then certainly for the funny stories you hear). Now that’s truly getting yo’ shine on.

Tip 2: You have to tap it. Seeing the heel or tip of a dress shoe worn down from having no taps can be likened to seeing a fresh haircut with no line-up, yeah, our thoughts exactly. Shoes can be tapped at most shoe shine or shoe care locations for less than $5. Shoe taps extend the life of a heel for many months to as much as a year. They are small and resemble little boomerangs in their shape. There are few words for the distinguished look it adds to a shoe.

Tip 3: Go Horns! Shoe horns that is. Much like a fitted hat can lose its shape without something filling the dome of the hat, so can those fresh new hard bottoms. Wood shoe horns are best, but, plastic is also effective, when deciding between wood and plastic keep in mind the famous Jay-Z verse about the difference between a 4.0 and a 4.6.

Tip 4: Biggie Smalls so famously told us all “Silly cat, wore suede in the rain.” As much as it’s not the best thing to do, applying suede and leather protector to your shoes goes a long way in fighting the classic “Style vs. The Elements” battle. A can of suede/leather protector can cost as little as $4.99.

Tip 5: If it doesn’t fit, you better quit. Unlike claiming your height at 6’0” when you’re barely 5’11” isn’t going to hurt too bad, we promise you that squeezing a size 11 foot into a 9.5 dress shoe or heel will lead to the drastic unappreciation from you for the shoe, not to mention the tragic disgust of a pinky toe. If hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned, a woman scorned inflicts no pain like an unforgiving pinky toe.

Now, step to it and take care of your sole mates.  U DEFINE SUCCESS